Being a tourist today.

I think the early morning sun had fueled my inner adventurer to screw a couple hours of sleep and go out to chase my dreams. Little exaggeration, I had been wanting to go to the farmers market at St. Lawrence market. It’s usually up and running by 5AM but I wasn’t that adventurous. I got dressed grabbed my camera, got a cup of coffee, and street car-ed my way to St. Lawrence Market. I was mesmerized by the plethora of scents and aromas as soon as I entered this mega structure. I did not expect the amount of people, the … Continue reading Being a tourist today.


I knew there was something about this place that reminded me of home. This cup of liquid gold, was nothing short of 300 ml of nostalgia. It took me right back to a little tea shop in the bustling streets of Dar. I went in with a blank mind expecting a usual cup of tea but, I was fueled with excitement to know my desire for a cup of comforting, home tea had been gratified. From a warm, welcoming smile, to a conversation that led to a magnificent coincidence, it was exactly what I needed to brighten up an a sunny summer’s day. It’s one of those … Continue reading Nostalgic