The Lone Hunter.

Photo wise, this lone but shy hunter hiding in the bushes made the top of the list. Ngorongoro Crater hosts a huge variety of fauna and flora, some common but some mysteriously secretive. With conditions worsening for predators, they are being driven away and thus, the highlight of this trip was capturing an almost painting-like shot of this leaopard on the hunt. Its bright fur woth distinctive pattern stood out so vividly, the contrast was almost as natural as its ability to hide. The depth in this photo along with the textures from the bushes add a vivid complexity to … Continue reading The Lone Hunter.

Print Samples

I must confess, when I thought of printing my photos, I was scared people would find it overrated, but I must say I am fortunately surprised by how well these have turned out onto canvas. My favorite being the Toronto skyline, it’s one photo I’ll cherish forever. If you want prints like these or even a digital copy of any photo, contact me for further information. Please respect the copyrights of the photo as a lot of effort goes into actually shooting and editing the photos. Continue reading Print Samples


I knew there was something about this place that reminded me of home. This cup of liquid gold, was nothing short of 300 ml of nostalgia. It took me right back to a little tea shop in the bustling streets of Dar. I went in with a blank mind expecting a usual cup of tea but, I was fueled with excitement to know my desire for a cup of comforting, home tea had been gratified. From a warm, welcoming smile, to a conversation that led to a magnificent coincidence, it was exactly what I needed to brighten up an a sunny summer’s day. It’s one of those … Continue reading Nostalgic

Couple years down the road.

I don’t know why but I always end up posting a picture of the city hall. Maybe it’s the closest ‘touristy thing’ to me or there’s something happening every day. But, this place is quite significant for me. It was at this time last year, that many things happened for the first time; my first Christmas in Canada, first Cavalcade of Lights show, the first snow of the season, first of my blog’s pictures, first time meeting new people. So it’s fair to say it has been a crazy year, which is almost at an end but it has been … Continue reading Couple years down the road.

Tagging walls, one by one!

Look closely and these walls carry the same passion and complexity of any Picasso or Dali. Look even closer and you will notice the simplicity in its complexity; that is the urban jungle. Sometimes, I spend so much time trying to understand what’s written and forget to appreciate the time and effort that went into creating the intricate street art piece. Its hard to focus on that when you have a masterpiece that is so distracting. Continue reading Tagging walls, one by one!

Urban – Black Forest – Tattoo

Look closely and you shall see layers of artwork scattered on the walls – one tag over another – colors forming different stories. Layers and layers of urban culture on one wall – almost like an opera cake to be honest…yum. But, it is the true beauty of urban art; each tag carries its own story, its own inspiration, that is the beauty of Graffiti Alley. Continue reading Urban – Black Forest – Tattoo