Me on top of the World!!
Me on top of the World!!

Hi there. That’s me, daringly trying to prove I am not scared of heights. As much as I’d like to say this blog is to kill time – its not – it’s actually a hobby. It’s taken a while but I think I can say this blog is up and running much better than I had expected. As a child, I absolutely loved travelling, and I still do. Its an insight to a whole realm of mysteries and cultures that I have only seen through pictures – which is what I’m kind of recreating here. After moving to Canada two years ago, I have definitely learnt a lot more, explored many different places and well, still remember home fondly. It has opened a new portal to pursue this hobby and I look to take it a step further in the future. I have no specific portfolio or technique I want to post but this is more experimental for me – be that trying new ideas or even trying different techniques. BUT, I haven’t flooded this page with pictures of the cliché photos, instead, it’s a medium to almost show you the world, or atleast what I find interesting through my eyes. That said, I genuinely hope reading this hasn’t bored you but I would encourage that you go look at some photos. You’re not here to read about me – you’re here to know about me and my thoughts through my photos!

oh and…

If you like my photos and would consider hiring me as a photographer, or would want any of my photos printed: head over to the contact me page, send me an email, and we can organize accordingly


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