Being a tourist today.

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I think the early morning sun had fueled my inner adventurer to screw a couple hours of sleep and go out to chase my dreams. Little exaggeration, I had been wanting to go to the farmers market at St. Lawrence market. It’s usually up and running by 5AM but I wasn’t that adventurous. I got dressed grabbed my camera, got a cup of coffee, and street car-ed my way to St. Lawrence Market. I was mesmerized by the plethora of scents and aromas as soon as I entered this mega structure. I did not expect the amount of people, the amount of food, or the size of the place. It was quite an experience, but, I think what stayed with me was the smell of fresh bread at the bakers. They had quite the variety but given it was still quite early, those aromas were still lingering around and seemed to hit the right notes. I made my way through the maze of stalls and escaped unto the street, faced by a large white tent. I entered those doors and it was another world. I saw these mini stalls and their owners hard at work, selling their daily produce. From fresh shitake mushrooms, to offal, to the most vibrant fruits and veggies, it was a step up from the market place. With the best of their weekly produce laid out, it was loud and busy with people shopping for the best of ingredients. I wish I had bought something but I was there for the experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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