Click Here to view the Trek for Teens Day 2017 Album

Trek for Teens recently hosted their prized event, Trek for Teens Day, at Nathan Phillips square; it served as a wrap up to a magnificent year. It brought together individuals of various ages and backgrounds, to participate in an Amazing Race style race, witness a fantastic concert, which was open to the public, and indulge in delicious food and life size board games, open to everyone. This was one of the most well planned events and I worked with a team that was so pumped not only about the event but the cause that was being promoted. If you do see this post, I honestly encourage you to visit to find out more about the cause and, if you wish, then to donate to the organization. Briefly, we aim to raise awareness for the homeless youth (16-24) in our local communities, through ways that utilise our own talents and skills. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the group throughout the year and I look forward to contributing in many more ways in the future!

Photos © of Trek for Teens Foundation

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