Modernization in Dar

A crane, towering over the bustling city.
A crane, towering over the bustling city.

Today’s age witnesses the rapid growth of this city and the constant expansion within the economy. With a constant influx of foreign aid, of which recently has been reduced due to scandals within the country, this country has experienced an expansion of over 6.5% and a growth of almost 38% in GDP per capita over the past 5 years. It is reaching standards worthy of competing with some of the most developed countries in aspects of transportation, defense, commerce and industry. However, it is still quite evident that despite massive growth, it is so that this country is surpassing its physical limit of operation and stressing its resources. A parliamentary discussion held recently, witnessed a speaker who commented so boldly about the lack of a “master plan” and lack of planning. He clearly stated that “as more cars are brought into this country, the local transportation agency still continues to develop double lane roads, when infact, a four lane road is needed”. This is just one of the aspects, but it says a lot and in my perspective, I think it is a valid point. Some of these country’s budget statistics highlight the ignorance to vital development. The annual budget for health and social welfare, in 2014 was 282,573,534,000 Tsh and the budget for tousrism industry was only 64,033,579,000 Tsh. Many vital aspects lack enough support from the government, and being a LEDC, it is vital that the government step in to aid aspects that will lead to future development in human and physical capital. There is a serious lack in development for employment and more so, local employment is at a big risk. With the influx of many MNCs such as STRABAG and HALIBURTON as some of the industrial foreign companies, may of them bring foreign workers and locals do not get, if much, appreciation or benefits. This is a big disadvantage as general commodity prices are increasing while low level average wages remain stagnant.


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