The Lone Hunter.

Photo wise, this lone but shy hunter hiding in the bushes made the top of the list. Ngorongoro Crater hosts a huge variety of fauna and flora, some common but some mysteriously secretive. With conditions worsening for predators, they are being driven away and thus, the highlight of this trip was capturing an almost painting-like shot of this leaopard on the hunt. Its bright fur woth distinctive pattern stood out so vividly, the contrast was almost as natural as its ability to hide. The depth in this photo along with the textures from the bushes add a vivid complexity to … Continue reading The Lone Hunter.

Who controls the past, controls the future…

Must credit The Woods by 20Syl for this caption – but it took some time to wrap my head around the hook’s lyric. As I eventually managed to impregnate the artist’s expression with a cliche definition of learning from your mistakes – it occurred that it must mean so much more; just like the entirety of the artistic realm. I am sure for I must not a singular being for whom art, whether it be audible or visual, is a portal whose locked doors holds a plethora of psychological secrets and emotional backdrops. What would it take to unlock those doors? Continue reading Who controls the past, controls the future…

As I mentioned in my last post

I guess I really like shooting fireworks; the long exposure gives me so much room to experiment in such a short time. Its a little exhilarating but this photo was completely uncalled for. I hiked to the CN tower almost 45 minutes prior to the firework show and I still couldn’t find a decent spot. I creeped behind the steam whistle and set up my tripod, waiting and hoping the clouds don’t unleash their demons. I was so paranoid that I took a bunch of photos and packed my camera. But I am so glad I did that, I was … Continue reading As I mentioned in my last post

The Cherry on top of the cake.

Well, no pun intended. I went to Cherry beach (hence, the title) to try capture a few night shots. It’s practically insane how long the days are here. 9:30 came by and I thought I would get a few shots. No doubt, the sky was absolutely beautiful; glazed with a magenta hue, reflected off the lake and saturating the landscape, it was quite breathtaking. But, that’s beside the point. By the time I left at 10, there was still a shimmer of the sunset in the sky. Coming from a place where the sun sets at 7 and turns dark almost … Continue reading The Cherry on top of the cake.

Print Samples

I must confess, when I thought of printing my photos, I was scared people would find it overrated, but I must say I am fortunately surprised by how well these have turned out onto canvas. My favorite being the Toronto skyline, it’s one photo I’ll cherish forever. If you want prints like these or even a digital copy of any photo, contact me for further information. Please respect the copyrights of the photo as a lot of effort goes into actually shooting and editing the photos. Continue reading Print Samples