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The Cherry on top of the cake.

Well, no pun intended. I went to Cherry beach (hence, the title) to try capture a few night shots. It’s practically insane how long the days are here. 9:30 came by and I thought I would get a few shots. No doubt, the sky was absolutely beautiful; glazed with a magenta hue, reflected off the lake and saturating the landscape, it was quite breathtaking. But, that’s beside the point. By the time I left at 10, there was still a shimmer of the sunset in the sky. Coming from a place where the sun sets at 7 and turns dark almost … Continue reading The Cherry on top of the cake.

Print Samples

I must confess, when I thought of printing my photos, I was scared people would find it overrated, but I must say I am fortunately surprised by how well these have turned out onto canvas. My favorite being the Toronto skyline, it’s one photo I’ll cherish forever. If you want prints like these or even a digital copy of any photo, contact me for further information. Please respect the copyrights of the photo as a lot of effort goes into actually shooting and editing the photos. Continue reading Print Samples

The End.

Sadly, my journey came to an abrupt end, when the streetcar wasn’t continuing onto my final destination; Union Station. But that didn’t really stop me. A few weeks ago I had found a secret little place that I consider a peaceful getaway. This mighty vessel, Empire Sandy, stood at the dock parallel to this place. So majestic; it felt like an elegant mid-age boat with a flamboyant, yet interesting owner. But that is beside the point; a bench on the far dock, at the edge of the water, is where I found solace. I hiked there and took a seat, enjoying the … Continue reading The End.

Early morning adventure, continued…

Shortly after, I left the place in awe, but in a dilemma; whether to head to the beach or towards the city. A place called Leuty Lifeguard Stall at Woodbine Beach caught my attention but I decided I would leave that for another dawn or twilight. So I caught the bus towards Spadina and a streetcar thereafter towards the water front. I couldn’t help but get a picture of this view, it seemed to look even better in the morning. But I have to apologise for the constant Black and White photos; I cannot help it, I just love the lack of … Continue reading Early morning adventure, continued…

Being a tourist today.

I think the early morning sun had fueled my inner adventurer to screw a couple hours of sleep and go out to chase my dreams. Little exaggeration, I had been wanting to go to the farmers market at St. Lawrence market. It’s usually up and running by 5AM but I wasn’t that adventurous. I got dressed grabbed my camera, got a cup of coffee, and street car-ed my way to St. Lawrence Market. I was mesmerized by the plethora of scents and aromas as soon as I entered this mega structure. I did not expect the amount of people, the … Continue reading Being a tourist today.

Its not everyday I wake up this early…

It’s like a whole different world exists at the rise of morning. Exactly that happened today when I happened to wake up early, only to find out the a majority of the roads were closed down. Quite confused, I stepped into the balcony, and scoured social media to piece the puzzle. Realized, a huge 10K harbor front marathon was taking place early on in the morning. I smile to myself and at thought, summer has officially started. I popped into the balcony to soak in the early morning rays and shortly after, noticed a herd of runners, stomping across University Avenue to … Continue reading Its not everyday I wake up this early…

Click Here to view the Trek for Teens Day 2017 Album

Trek for Teens recently hosted their prized event, Trek for Teens Day, at Nathan Phillips square; it served as a wrap up to a magnificent year. It brought together individuals of various ages and backgrounds, to participate in an Amazing Race style race, witness a fantastic concert, which was open to the public, and indulge in delicious food and life size board games, open to everyone. This was one of the most well planned events and I worked with a team that was so pumped not only about the event but the cause that was being promoted. If you do see this post, I honestly … Continue reading Click Here to view the Trek for Teens Day 2017 Album